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Marine & Off-Shore Pile



Veda Pile Marine Piling in Chennai In the case of pre-cast driven pile, the pile are cast in a specially made platform/casting yard The pile are generally square shaped up to a maximum size 400 mm sq. Occasionally octagonal shape is also used.Well designed casting and stacking arrangements are practiced at site. The pile is driven to a set using drop hammer selected based on the size, pile weight and capacity requirement All the advantages of driven cast in situ pile are available in this case also. Marine piling work differs from land piling work in many respects.


1.Distance from land

2.Depth of water

3.Hydrostatic pressure and buoyancy

4.Underwater currents

5.Wave and swells

6.Tidal variation

7.Wind and storm


Existing navigation and possibility of diversion etc. Marine Piling



Veda Pile Off Shore Piling in ChennaiThis kind of piling works are mostly carried out in construction of various marine structures like jetties, harbours, ports, wharfs and bridges on river/sea that are away from land. Marine Pile can be installed by


1. Tripod Rig

2. Rotary Rig ( Wirth Rig or Ordinary Crawler Mounted Hydraulic Rig)